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"I'm a retired teacher running to represent District 19 in the Arkansas State House of Representatives including portions of Springdale, Johnson, and Fayetteville.  It's been a challenging time for our schools, students, parents, and teachers, and I look forward to representing them, as well as our aging neighbors and veterans.  These cherished community members deserve one more advocate."

-Paula Irwin

About Paula Irwin

I’m Paula Irwin, and I'm a Democrat running to represent District 19 in the State House. 

My family moved to Springdale in 1960 for my father to work for Tyson Foods. I enjoyed the best a community can give to its youth during the 1960's and 70's, and I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education from the University of Arkansas.


My father served on the Springdale City Council for 22 years and played a vital role in the development and location of Northwest Arkansas National Airport. Through him, I learned the importance of giving back. I enjoyed a 25 year teaching career that let me do just that.


Through my work with United Methodist Women, I've loved being an advocate globally for women and children so I would continue to do that. I'd also honor Arkansas's aging community and veterans by working for access to excellent healthcare and mental health options, longterm care, and affordable prescriptions. I’d be so grateful for your vote.


-Paula Irwin


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