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Too many of our community’s families are forced to choose between paying utilities, putting food on the table, or going to see a doctor. You can’t work or thrive if you’re sick. Those who spend most of their paycheck on insurance premiums can’t afford a mortgage payment.


We need more legislators in the Capitol who understand that the middle class is being squeezed. I’ll work to bring more care providers to the state, empower innovators in the private sector who want to offer affordable prescriptions, and find tax relief for our middle class. Let’s get that done together.


On the campaign trail, I meet with business leaders and each of them tells me a version of the same thing: “We need a representative who listens to us more than they listen to their party.” That’s exactly what I’ll do.


Political extremism is bad for business, and hyper-partisan fighting makes Arkansas unattractive to future investors. Our state legislators need to stop the partisan fighting, cut the red tape, and let our leaders in enterprise do what they’re good at: creating jobs and growing this economy.


We have amazing schools in NWA, but our teachers are asking for more support. I believe we should listen to them.

Teachers in our Fayetteville and Springdale districts need to be paid a nationally competitive wage—they’re doing nationally competitive work with nationally competitive students! They also need to focus on teaching, which means our school districts need resources to hire more social workers, counselors, mental health professionals, and crisis intervention specialists, including first responders.

NWA is special, and our schools are the heart of it. Let’s strengthen these schools even further and expand access to quality pre-K and affordable childcare. I’m asking for your vote so that I can work toward this.

Veterans & Seniors

I learned all about service from my father, James Clark Irwin, who learned it from his term of service during WWII. It’s because of his service that I’m committed to giving back—from the classroom, to my leadership in church and other organizations, to the state legislature.


Arkansas’s seniors and veterans need an advocate in the legislature. We need to expand specialized care, mental health services, and re-entry programs for vets. Our seniors need us to work to lower prescription drug costs, ensure benefits keep pace with inflation, and provide quality at-home and long-term care options.


Every Arkansan has aging family members or a veteran they consider a hero. Let’s do right by them. I’d be honored to have your vote.

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